Quabbin Panthers here I come…carefully!

qp7th grade Geography…

The Five Themes (FYI – location,place, interaction, movement, region) This is what I will be helping the students of the five towns that make up the Quabbin District learn. Throw in a little history along the way and there is a lot to cover. In the two days in the school I have learned that all the “teacher training” in the world does not prepare you for the responsibilities and practical, day-to-day issues. I’ve got to keep on my toes even more than as a sub – A wrong move or comment could set everything back because me and the student are together again the next day. I must be careful with the flip observations!


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3 Responses to “Quabbin Panthers here I come…carefully!”

  1. janice1227 Says:

    The urge to drop sarcastic bombs on wiseguys is so hard to fight. But your smart mouth will sink you with administration if you cross the line. Take it from the most sarcastic smart mouth of them all: fight the feelin’.
    Besides, you’ll be wasting your best material on an unappreciative audience. Save it for deservng family members who know a vicious swipe when they hear one!

  2. janice1227 Says:

    Whose ” throw ” – yours or mine? See what I mean, wise guy?

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