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2009 – Hey Baby…

January 2, 2009

happy-gnu-091I know our relationship has just started and I have to give you a chance, but so far you have been kind of cold. I’m sure things will warm up as we get to know each other and to that I’m looking forward. But really the bar has been set pretty low by 2008, so you should be able to exceed expectations with ease.

My hopes are that my whole family makes it through another year intact. Some of the relatives are getting older and some are just splitting up. Both make it hard on continuing any kind of relationship, you don’t get much feedback from the dead and contacting the separated half can hasten one’s own death. Does that mean I’m against change, baby?

But I voted for change and that is something that I am hoping for. From 2000-08 we have been at the mercy of the most clueless administration this country has ever seen. I prefer not to think of the lot as evil, just stupid. A born-again frat boy who cheats off the notes of the one guy who can write in his administration has lead us to the back to the settings that fostered WWII.

And they charged that Obama was not qualified to lead the country because he did not have enough time in Washington or government in general. The more I look at that charge the more I have come to think that may be one of his greatest credentials. He hasn’t learned to go along to get along; he hasn’t learned to put the country’s needs on the back burner while turning up the attention to his donors’ needs; he hasn’t learned that he is supposed to support his party, not his people (and by people I mean ALL of us). He must be crazy to go to Washington as a principaled man, choosing advisors based on their qualifications with a vision somewhat paralleling the ideals taught to us in school …we are a nation of immigrants …any one of us can be president if we just work hard enough …the whole pusuit of happiness thing – regardless of race creed or national origin (OK – you have to be born here to be president).

So 2009, don’t think I’m too crazy wanting both “change” and “not change” at the same time – I’m a complicated guy. Really I think we should agree to do our best to just get along. After all, we are stuck with each other for a whole year. Let’s make memories, happy ones, ones that make us think back and have that happy, little, self-satisfied smile and not like the thoughts I have of the last icy bitch that left me in the cold.