Just say “NO”

Is there any question that the Republicans have taken Nancy Reagan’s famous slogan to new heights?


1) The free world would come to an end if Obamacare became law. They had to say “NO!” to a bill that was the Republican counter to Hilary-care from back in the day.  Then it was the “reasonable” alternative; now it’s a commie Trojan horse.

2) A terrorist being tried in our civilian justice system is tantamount to giving Miranda rights –oops, strike that – citizenship to the entire universe of enemy combatants/illegal aliens under Obama. Just say “NO!” – unless the same thing occurred when the president was a Republican and then it is a shining example of American fairness.

3) Obama’s negotiates a reduction of nuclear stockpiles with Russia and holds a summit to limit nuclear expansion. He is showing his hate for America, leaving us defenseless against the Islamofascists (with whom he is secretly in cahoots). The Republicans have no alternative; they have to say “NO!”

Now there you go again…

Wasn’t ridding the planet of nuclear weapons a goal of Ronald Reagan, the Zeus in the pantheon of Republican gods? Now that this lofty goal is being met by a Democrat it has become spoiled meat. There is a pattern here…

I like tomatoes, you like tomahtoes

Obama says po-ta-to, McConnell says po-tah-to

Let’s call the whole thing off.

So far Obama has been a Republican president. Really. He hasn’t ended the war, closed Gitmo or opened the borders. He has been conservative in his approach to the wars and his dealings with the economy, choosing to be pragmatic with slow changes to the Bush policies. He has couched every initiative in trying to find a middle ground between the Democrats and the Republicans. But the Republican tactic has been to be Lucy to Obama’s Charlie Brown at the start of every football season. No matter how much they talk about it, no matter how much Lucy promises she’ll cooperate; she still pulls the ball away when good ol’ Charlie Brown goes for the kick-off.

The claim that Obama and the Democrats are ruling against the will of the people is just another falsehood that even with repeated chanting still does not make it true. Obama and the Democrats were elected by a majority of voters to govern. The Democrats won and the Republicans lost. Obama’s problem is that he is not the second coming that some thought he would be. The ball belongs to the Democrats until the next election; so now Obama needs to run with it and not worry about what the kid with the loud mouth has to say.


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