Thoughts on the Night Before

Zach’s First Christmas 1982

Twas the night before Christmas, let your heart be light
The Polar Express is coming and Jiggle Bells by right
You remember the first time we were family together?
Remember this, our son’s first Christmas, forever.

We drove to the lot down the street for a tree
On the coldest night possible, starting tradition, you see.
Our first real tree was Charlie Brown sad
It had frozen and thawed so much it went bad

The needles rained down on the packages below
Each time the city bus dieselled past through snow
That apartment on Pleasant Street… pleasant street? Yes!
So much in that name, it left so little to guess.

It was just us three, all in our red caps
You trying to take pictures, just a few snaps
For Baby’s First Christmas, a page in a book
We’ll show all the relatives, here – take a look

That tree was gone by the end of the Day
A fire hazard you said, get it out of the way
Into a snowbank ol’ tannenbaum did go
Brightening our view, its tinsel did glow.

Spring and Summer then Christmas again
A daughter for Easter and a house to move in
Now we are four planning for Saint Nick
By leaving milk and cookies… a few carrot stick.

26 trees later and the day had finally come
You wouldn’t be coming, the news left us numb
I then hatched a plan so clever, simple and true
With that much being said I must share it with you.

“Now Dasher! Now Dancer! Now Prancer and Vixen!
On Comet! On Cupid! On Donner and Blitzen!”

Remember this year, our son’s first Christmas,
away from his family, knowing he’ll miss us.
Tell him this tree of cardinals, eagles and ornaments galore
will wait for him to come home – to come through the door.

His mother will hug him, his sister the same
We’re guys, we shake hands and talk of the game
Only then we will hang our stockings with care
And realize Saint Nick has no time to spare.

Note the lack of greenery on the tree

(With apologies to Clement Moore and our probably embarrassed by his dotting parents son. Zach still can’t fly due to his recent concussion/skull fracture, but we hope to see him mid-January with a tree still green. Our hearts go out to the families who have loved ones in the services that can not be home for the holidays – May they all make it home safely for the next.)


2 Responses to “Thoughts on the Night Before”

  1. Ian C. Says:

    I love that Christmas Tree 🙂
    And super poetry too!
    Merry Christmas, Michael and Pam

  2. susie q Says:

    you can not help yourself….tears,tears…always tears when i read your writings!

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