Mr. President – Call me…

I have a plan – no – THE plan to fix our current budget crisis. With two sides unable to agree on how to fix the impending debt ceiling debacle, a plan that meets both sides criteria must be found. One side says don’t touch medicare, medicaid and social security and the other says we can’t afford all those entitlements and asking anyone for another nickel is sinful. How can we fulfill the criteria proposed by both? Easy! We have two and half wars that are being funded without issue and this is the key to the best plan ever.

Everyone agrees that the military must protect our borders and our interests abroad. Everyone agrees this is important work. Our current, all volunteer military does a remarkable job, they have the most advanced technology on the battlefield and the some best services and training a nation has ever provided. In the service you are provided with free medical, dental and housing along with three squares. All we need to do is shift many of the jobs of this new, advanced army to the same folks who will be losing their Social  Security and Medicare. It’s a win-win! We don’t have to worry about paying for all the entitlements because they can earn their keep while in further service to their country. And service is something we don’t mind paying for, in fact, it’s downright patriotic.

We would still need the muscle of youth for the actual “boots on the ground” aspects, but much of the work of the modern military can be done remotely, everything from controlling Predator drones to fulfilling a quartermaster’s supply allocations can be done by computer from the comfort and safety of home. Some estimates show that for every actual soldier in combat there are ten support personnel. Some of that support could be perfect duty for all those government teat sucking old folks.

Now I know what your saying – How could they run the military of the 21st century? I have seen my mother try to navigate her email with great difficulty, but with constant training she does OK. And that’s the other part of this brilliant plan – The services can hire the unemployed youth of America to constantly train the new geezer garrisons. This makes it a jobs plan so the Democrats can vote for it.

So my plan not only solves the debt crisis, eliminates unemployment for our youth, and restructures our costly entitlement programs, it improves our overall military readiness by freeing up our fighting men and women to do just that. Now if this is the success I think it will be, I have a solution to our problem with illegals. Build some elder housing units along the border with a window facing the right way. Give them a phone and nothing else to do. They won’t miss a thing…

Washington, I await your call!


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