Thanksgiving and Facebook Rolled Together 2011

It was the warmest in November on record in Worcester, I just grilled burgers on my deck in December and that’s enough to make me thankful. But it’s just the beginning and as the infomercial says, “WAIT! There’s MORE!”

What more can there be?  Besides pulling off the wedding of the century for my daughter (Prince, welcome to the family); having my son just a short drive away in Cambridge (skull fracture cost him a sense of smell, but knocked enough sense into him to have him move out of DC); a wife recovering well from knee surgery and my having a job; there are all of you on Facebook – my family, friends and interweb neighbors. I’m thrilled when the day isn’t going well and someone posts that funny kitty/doggy/baby video, – LOL, OMG, LMAO and all that ;-). I know my high school friends don’t look like the way I remember them thanks to all the photos posted (except for Doug – I don’t know who he promised his soul to, but give me a call).  I share your travels, kids’ graduations, holiday gatherings and birthdays. I contemplate your surgeries and passing relatives. Some of you make comments that make me laugh, some of you piss me off, many do both and for all of you, I’m thankful. My friends don’t have to agree with my viewpoint or politics to still be my friends.

And that is the thing I have learned: friends challenge an idea and it makes me think, to hone my argument or do more research on the particulars to better understand it. And, hopefully, be better able to demonstrate the error in your thinking or mine so we both have a better understanding.  These days I’m into consensus. I want to take the advice of Addicus Finch and walk around in the other guy’s shoes. I’m into finding middle ground.  I’m into starting a trend that shifts our current clamor of “every man for himself “ back to “all for one and one for all.” But maybe that’s a little too “socialist” right now. E Pluibus Unum.


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