An Atheist Christmas – Joy to the Whirled

I love Christmas and I’m not a Christian. I wish people a “Merry Christmas!” because I approve of the message – be merry.  I love my family and this is the season I get to show that love without getting funny looks. This is when silly gifts and schmaltzy sentiments are completely acceptable along with It’s a Wonderful Life and Vince Guaraldi piano soundtracks.  I’m not part of the “war” on Christmas. When I’m in a store and the clerk wishes me “Happy Holidays!” I’m happy. When politicians light the “Holiday Tree” I’m not offended.

To those who rail against these efforts please rethink your position then thank your politician for a creative end-around the separation of government from religion. By doing so they can use state money to maintain tradition without tying it to any religion. Remember the Yule tree got its start with old Norse paganism (and the Saxons sang and toasted their trees – wassailing). Trees, singing and toasting make people happy and merry so Christians renamed it to keep the tradition around, why not politicians?

Just in case you want some of the history leading to our modern tradition in musical form here it is fittingly set to the tune of “Oh, Tannenbaum”:

Please note that based on our founding documents and proud Puritan heritage, we should not even be celebrating Christmas – It’s un-American! The George III that introduced this tree via his German wife is the same one we sent that long list of grievances to back in 1776. Prior to that the Puritans banned the entire celebration because of its roots in pagan woodland worship. Understand that no matter how many “He’s the reason for the season” bumper stickers I see, this holiday will still predate Jesus – big time! As sure as the sun comes up and the earth’s axis wobbles, Christmas and all the other holidays from times and cultures in memoriam that occur around the winter solstice do so because that’s when things shift from the day getting constantly shorter to longer. Hallelujah! People like sunlight and more of it makes us happy … and merry.

So I’ll wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Ramadan, Inti Raymi, Shabe-Yalda, Saturnalia, Yule, the Long Night, start of Winter… How ‘bout “Season’s Greetings?” Will that make you happy?


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3 Responses to “An Atheist Christmas – Joy to the Whirled”

  1. gofigureharvey Says:

    This obsession with whether or not “Merry Christmas” is a happy wish or an insult is nothing more than fussy whining by people with little more to think about. I appreciate that you glean from it the “Merry” …I wonder how many Christians actually gave thought to the religious aspects of the holiday while weaseling through stores and mauling through malls. And you are on the money regarding the pre-dating of these rituals. The same people who believe the Christmas tree was created to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ very likely believe those portraits of him are accurate: really? Given where he hailed from, what are the odds he looked like Kenny Loggins?

    • m2smith Says:

      It would be fun to survey shoppers at the mall on a Sunday to find out how many find the whole silly “Holiday vs Christmas” tree offensive then ask those that do about the 3rd commandment – “Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy” I guess consistency is just the hobgoblin of minds.

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