Birthday Deathday (for my son and my mother)

zrs glo

There’s a hole in the bucket, dear Liza dear Liza…

Well, fix it dear Henry dear Henry fix it…

              Really, Liza? Fix it?

Under that hole is a little baby bucket

drinking in all the stories and admonitions

– filling up

    to spill over

         to the next and the next

watering the garden

         – crybabies.

             Liza, don’t be a bitch – it’s not all about you

the universe needs that hole!



2 Responses to “Birthday Deathday (for my son and my mother)”

  1. m2smith Says:

    Harry Belafonte had a hit with this song when I was 6. It got played on my dad’s phonograph (yeah – 1961) and I thought the it was funny – and so did the adults in my home. A moment shared across ages.

  2. susie smith Says:

    as soon as i read

    “there’s a hole in the bucket”…i was back in the den ,remembering,missing,wondering how times really does fly…we all did some singing together didn’t we.

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