I’m old – What more does anyone need to know? OK – I’m not that old, but old enough to know I’m never gonna get those muscles I thought I would eventually get because I was going to work out; that my hairline has moved off my forehead and down my ears and back and  just keeps receding; and that I am invisible to women who are still fertile (except my long suffering wife). Invisibility means I’m not just old – I’m not rich. That last one shouldn’t bother me as a happily married man (right, Pam?), but let’s be fair here – It’s nice to feel you have options and you just are making the “right” choice.

I like politics. I don’t like religion. I like working. I don’t like being unemployed. I like idle time (that implies I’m working, but taking a break). I like the 3 Rs (Really – I do. There is something magical about them all) and I teach History. Long walks on the beach? Quiet dinners? Sometimes, but better is exploring new cultures and seeing new places. I like my kids. I don’t know about yours.

Read ’em and weep…


One Response to “About”

  1. Norm Says:

    Michael – I like the priorities that you have chosen for living the good life (or as close as one can possibly get). There’s a lot to be said for seeking the “contented” existence . . . enjoy it.

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